About & FAQS

The BRC Global Standards Directory is the official database of all audits conducted against a BRC Global Standard. Certification bodies administrate all changes to site listing, audit documents and certification status information held on the Directory.

Due to concerns with financial crime, terrorist financing, political, and business risks associated with Cuba and Iran, BRCGS no longer publishes any information relating to Cuba- or Iran-related sites.

The Directory is available in two formats;

1. Public access certificate search Directory

Certificate details for currently certificated sites
Results exclude expired, suspend or withdrawn sites
Certification body search function listing only BRC Global Standards approved audit bodies

2. Password protected private area

  • Hosts complete and authenticate BRC Global Standards audit reports and certificates in PDF format.
  • Allows audit owners to share their audit documents with registered retailers, manufacturers and other specifiers.
  • Describes why and when certification has expired or been withdrawn.

Notification alerts

Directory account holders receive email alerts relating to audits they own or that are shared with them on the Directory by the audit owner

  • New report availability, or replacement
  • Certificate expiry, suspension or withdrawal
  • Removal of access privileges (cancelled sharing)

Exportable reporting suite

  • The Directory features a reports suite, allowing account holders to export audit information for all shared and owned audits in .XLS or .CSV spreadsheets.
  • Report results describe the most recent set of audit information available & include key content such as non-conformities by clause, severity, resolution.
  • This allows easy analysis of supplier performance, removing the need to access and read individual audit documents on a one-by-one basis



Who can access my audit details on the Directory?

Audit owners can choose who can access their audit documents via the Directory. Audit owners can share their complete BRC Global Standards audit report and certificate in a PDF format with any Directory participant retailer, manufacturer or specifier. Audit owners can also remove sharing and access at any time, administrated via the Directory. The only exception to this rule is where a specifier has a contractual agreement with their supplier’s allowing access to BRC Global Standards audit documents as a contingency of supply. In this instance audit owners will be notified that their documents are available to the customer and access can be removed on the administration of the audit owner.

Whose audit details can I access on the Directory?

Directory users can access the BRC Global Standards audit reports and certificates that have been shared with them by the audit owners.

Why can’t I find a site listed on the public Directory?

The public Directory lists sites who are currently certificated against any of the BRC Global Standards. Expired, suspended or withdrawn status sites are not listed. Certificated sites can also choose to be removed from public listing.

To query the status of a site not listed on the public Directory, contact submissions@brcglobalstandards.com stating the name and location of the site in question.

How do I get my details corrected on the Directory?

All Directory administration is conducted by the certification body that conducted the audit. For changes, updates and corrections, contact the certification body.

What is the BRC Global Standards site code?

  • The BRC Global Standards site code is a 6 or 7-digit number unique to each audited site.
  • Site codes are location specific and created for the site’s initial audit by the auditing certification body.
  • Site codes are permanent, remaining constant irrespective of changes to site name, certificated status, Standard or auditing certification body.
  • All BRC Global Standards audit reports and certificates detail the relevant site code.


How do I get a username and password for Directory access?

Please complete and submit the following form; http://request.brcdirectory.com/

How do I get a certificated supplier logo?

Please complete and submit the following form; http://logo.brcdirectory.com/

How do I validate document authenticity?

Documents obtained from the Directory (and not from suppliers) can be considered complete, contemporary and authenticated.

We do not recommend accepting audit documents sent directly by suppliers and sites

To confirm the content and authenticity of any BRC Global Standards audit document sent to you from a site, search for the site on the public Directory, using the site code. If no results are located, contact submissions@brcglobalstandards.com attaching the document to the validated.