Certification Body Performance

Current service level, July 2018

43 days from audit finish to document availability on the BRC Directory

Describes average number of days between BRC Global Standards audit finish and audit report/certificate availability on the BRC Directory

Considers audit documents added to the Directory between June 30th 2018 and July 30th 2018

Administration pace differs between certification bodies

Reviewing certification body performance and KPI ratings

The performance of certification bodies is formally reviewed every six months (normally April and October).

During this review we look at five key areas:

• Quality of written audit reports, reviewed on a sample basis
• Compliance to protocols: How audits are conducted and reported
• Auditor registration and compliance training, experience and competence requirements
• How quickly the audit data is made available on the BRC Directory
• Communication with the BRC Global Standards compliance team

Only approved certification bodies are listed on the BRC Directory.

If the performance of a certification body is under review, sanctions may include suspension of approval and subsequent withdrawal from BRC Directory listing.

We also award a performance rating for each certification body based on their service performance (1 – 5 stars). This rating reflects the overall management of the BRC Global Standards certification scheme by the certification body head office, rather than an individual auditor or audit. This rating is published against the certification body listing on the BRC Directory. Certification bodies that have not carried out enough audits in the period to be rated are ‘pending’.